About Marvin

Marvin Klein is the founder of PortionPac Chemical Corporation, headquartered in Chicago. In 1964, PortionPac pioneered high concentrate detergent formulations, portion control packaging and environmentally sustainable programs. Dozens of concepts from safer chemicals to color coded products and formal janitorial education were introduced to the cleaning industry through PortionPac. His goal has always been to improve the effectiveness of cleaning on health and productivity while reducing environmental impact.

Many of his business concepts were formed by outstanding high school teachers and professors at the University of Illinois. After graduation, he worked for the Ekco Products Company before military service as an Army Intelligence Officer. Since 1956, he has worked in the janitorial, food service and corrections industry
to improve professionalism, safety, and recognition for cleaning workers.

He is proud of his contribution to many organizations including the Child Nutrition Foundation and currently is on the Board of the Healthy Schools Campaign, the Chicago Manufacturing Center and The John Howard Association for Prisoner Rights. He and his wife Bobbie have been married for 55 years and have three children plus five grandchildren.







About Karen

Karen Wan’s life path changed drastically when she took a job assignment writing marketing materials for the Chicago Manufacturing Center. Instead, she wound up becoming a sustainability consultant, developed a sustainability practice at CMC, and met and worked with some of the most amazing people in the world.

It was in 2004, when she launched the GreenPlants Program for CMC, that she met Marvin. Karen’s first thought was that he needed to write a book about the PortionPac philosophy and approach to doing business. This is that book. Karen has had the honor of working with the City of Chicago Department of Environment to launch the Chicago Waste to Profit Network and served as its Program Director from 2006-2008.

Karen has returned to her passion for writing and connecting others to sustainable ideas (http://www.sustainingstories.com). Her biggest goal in life is to raise her two sons to be responsible, happy, adventurous, idealistic, environmental capitalists.